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Realife Tech integrates with major ticketing partners to enable tickets purchased across different systems to be connected to a single platform. Enabling our front-end digital touchpoints to act as the primary means of access control for our clients.

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POS & Payments

Point of Sale and Payment systems, including hardware, can be seamlessly linked to the Realife Tech platform. Offering unified systems, uniform reporting, simplified reconciliation processes and cashless payment options.

Web & CMS

The most popular Web and CMS systems can be integrated to offer personalised experiences across the entire customer journey. Unifying your data into one location gives a comprehensive view of each customer.

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Existing data warehouses can plug in to the Realife Tech platform. Unifying data from multiple sources means customers experience a seamless transition between systems.

Messaging & Communication

Integrations with the most powerful messaging and communications tools enable the platform to automate the right messages to the right person, at just the right time.

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Mapping & Wayfinding

Understanding your attendees movements is key to make sure you’re giving them the best content and information at a given time. It also enables operational efficiencies within the venue.

WiFi & Connectivity

By working with the leading WiFi and DAS solutions the experience is enhanced with fast connectivity and links from captive portals in to mobile apps or Progressive Web Apps.

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Pull engaging and dynamic video content from a number of sources.

Loyalty & Retail

Reward your fans across their journey. Integrating with leading loyalty platforms means activations can take place across a number of digital touchpoints.

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