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As fans start to consider newly re-opened venues, there will be a broad range of emotions. The excitement around returning to their favorite sporting or music event will come with a great deal of anxiety about the ‘new normal’.

At Realife Tech, we’re focused on minimizing this fear through dedicated messaging, features, and protocols that help mitigate risk for all attendees. This Covid Safety Hub is being deployed across multiple events to assist in welcoming fans back in person.

The Hub consists of a suite of dedicated Realife Tech platform solutions, along with best-in-class event partners. Together, we’re able to help our industry slowly return by making it as safe as possible for each attendee and their community.

Address The Fans' Concerns

  • At Home

    What do I need to bring?

    What will have changed?

    What additional safety measures are in place?

    Will it be safe to attend?

  • En-Route

    Can I avoid congestion & crowds?

    Will public transport be busy?

    What if my gate is too busy?

    How will people be socially distanced?

  • At Event

    When is the best time to enter?

    Do I need to do anything differently at the turnstiles?​

    How can I order and collect safely?

    What can I do to reward essential workers and give back to the community?

  • Post-Event

    The event was great, but they could make me feel more comfortable. Where can I give feedback?

    ​I want to get back to the action again – when’s the next event?

    I've developed some symptoms - do I have to inform the venue? If so, how do I contact them and what information will they need from me?

Right Message, Right Time

Orchestrate Fan Journeys in the Countdown to Event, Day of Event and Post Event

  • Digital Tickets
  • Checklists
  • Location-based messaging
  • AI Chat Covid Assistant – Powered by Satisfi Labs
  • Real-time safety tips
  • Post-event feedback
Right Message, Right Time illustration

Location-Based Safety Alerts

Use heat maps and location data to monitor crowd density and share real-time safety information to every fan.

  • Travel congestion
  • Car park information
  • High footfall areas
  • ​Entrance procedures
  • Facilities updates
  • Crowd location mapping  – Powered by Crowd Connected

Touch-Free Access Control

Digital ticketing enables contactless ticket scanning, allotted entry times and gate traffic monitoring.

  • Use push-notifications to move traffic to alternate gates
  • Once the ticket is scanned, the App context can change to in-venue to offer further safety advice
Touch-Free Access Control illustration

Mobile Ordering & Contactless Collection

Mobile ordering and payment in-app can prevent a build-up of lines near concessions. Paired with ‘Collect when Ready’ technology, customers can remain in their seats and be notified when the order is ready to collect.

  • 100% touchless solution
  • Integrated with ePoS
  • Minimize footfall traffic
  • Dashboard controlled

Cause Marketing & Giveback Programs

We’re all in this together. Supporting the causes and frontline workers during this recovery period is absolutely critical.

  • In-app purchase donation
  • Sponsor Campaigns
  • Buy one-give-one on merch & F&B
  • Local Hero social campaigns
Cause Marketing & Giveback Programs illustration

Ready To Bring Fans Back Safely?